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Britek#FK8000B 8000W Fluorescent Lighting Kit with Boom
The lighting kit delivers strong and powerful illumination that is ideal for both still photography and film production. The use of continuous fluorescent lighting is best light source for photographing group photos in several events, such as large wedding receptions, graduation photos, family photo shoots, and so on.
Photography Studio Lighting Equipment Supplier

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Britek#900UHK 900w Halogen Light Kit - Ultra Portable Series
This is a great lighting kit for people who want to set up a small business of their own. This 900 Watt Halogen Lighting Kit is an inexpensive kit for those who are new to the filmmaking and like to explore new techniques

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Britek#FK3800 3800w Cool Fluorescent Lighting kit
The greatest advantage of 3800W fluorescent lighting kit is that each major light bank uses only four fluorescent bulbs, comparing to eight bulbs used on each light bank for 3200W.

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JTL#2468 Lithium Battery for the Mobilight DC-600 Monolight Strobe.
This is a lithium-ion battery specifically designed for Mobilight DC-600 strobes. With its portable compact design it can easily fit into the satchel provided, and is very easy to carry. It does not contain hazardous chemicals, and is completely pollution free. It accepts multi-voltage power supply.

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JTL#2305-1 Versalight D-501 Monolight, 500 Watt Second Digitally Controlled Strobe
The JTL Versalight D Monolight series is simply high tech at its best. It features infrared remote control, computerized memory, 360 degree digital display and many patented lighting designs. Choosing different accessories, you may achieve your operation on your Versalight D series by means of the JTL remote controller and your personal computer.

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