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JTL#2305-1 Versalight D-501 Monolight, 500 Watt Second Digitally Controlled Strobe
The JTL Versalight D Monolight series is simply high tech at its best. It features infrared remote control, computerized memory, 360 degree digital display and many patented lighting designs. Choosing different accessories, you may achieve your operation on your Versalight D series by means of the JTL remote controller and your personal computer.

Price $359.90

JTL#2466 Mobilight DC-600 Battery Operated 600 watt Second Monolight Strobe
The Mobilight DC-600 is a battery operated strobe. Featuring dual locking, built-in thermostat, 360-degree universal LED receiver, this strobe works with all kinds of JTL lighting accessories. The Mobilight DC-600 has a built-in stabilizer which provides output precision of +/-0.1F. It also features a sliding bracket to ensure the supporting stability for the strobe, digital power display on lighting functions, and alarm system for malfunction & exhausting power.

Price $419.90

JTL#2603 Mobilight 301 AC & Battery Operated Monolight Strobe Without Battery Pack
The Mobilite series is composed of three different models: the Mobilite 110, the Mobilite 201 and the Mobilite 301.

Price $325.39

JTL#2811 1000 Watt Everlight with Built-in Fan, 7"Standard Reflector & 1000W Quartz Halogen Bulb
The JTL 2811 1000W Everlight is a completely self-contained photo studio suitable for, but not limited to, TV interviews, commercial videography, digital portraits and family portraits. The set up takes mere minutes- just add a digital camera or camcorder and you are ready to make professional looking photos and tapes.

Price $96.90

JTL#2200 Versalight 1000 Monolight
The Versalight 1000 has a state-of-the-art design for professional photographers with a variety of technical requirements. No requirement is too trivial for the Versalight 1000-with a diffused 1,000w/s output power (1,000 joules) on full and GN 322 feet at ASA 100, it will provide for all your lighting needs

Price $524.89

Linco#PE9030KS Linco Flora Simple Single Light Kit
Thanks to a newly developed ballast technology we can manufacture fluorescent bulbs that incorporate the ballast in the same housing as the bulb itself instead of needing a separate external ballast device. This technology allows us to create smaller, lighter, and more cost effective fixtures.

Price $134.98

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