Linco Inc. introduces the Pheno softbox series, a portable softbox that can also be used as a reflector. The Pheno softbox series throws a relatively wide, even and soft light over the subject. The Pheno softbox series is made out of 300 denier black Nylon with PU coating. Its interior is made of silver aluminum metallic foil. It allows more directed or indirected lighting and less back spill over the subject. We included a unique diffuser with built-in Velcro straps so you can quickly transform your Pheno from softbox into a reflector and back into a softbox with ease.

The Pheno softbox series’s special design allows you to attach many different types of light sources – speed lights, single fluorescents, fluorescents, normal lights, mono lights, studio flashes, etc. , We designed an aluminum shaft that acts as an umbrella bracket and also makes this Pheno softbox series suitable for use with standard studio light banks. We designed a built-in aluminum blanket to cut light leakage and create maximum light reflection. The Pheno softbox series is ideal for photographers seeking a highly versatile and portable light shaping tool for their photo lighting studio.
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