Beam Adjustable Halogen Light Kits

Beam adjustable halogen light kits are centered on the same halogen lights as the standard light kits. However, beam adjustable halogen light head units are special because at a twist of a knob, the focus of light outputted can be easily adjusted. This added ability allows the photographer to concentrate available light onto a small region or widen the light field without having to move the entire light assembly.

Beam adjustable light kits contain multiple halogen heads and adjustable stands. Some beam adjustable light kits may also include softboxes, umbrellas, barndoors and/or booms. It all depends on what you specifically need for your photo studio. Halogen lights create a hard light without the diffuser and stay on which means the scene stays continuously lit, making composition a breeze. To add versatility, pick a beam adjustable halogen light kit with a desired mix of light diffusers. We have also included sturdy carrying cases for convenient transportation and storage. These carrying cases also effectively protect all your lighting equipment.

The versatility of a kit gives the photographer greater control over the shooting environment. Linco Inc. has designed our kits so there is a balanced mix of primary lights, fill lights, height adjustable stands, boom cranes, and light diffusers. They are designed to flawlessly work together allowing you to create the best photos possible. Always remember that you can buy things separately if you feel like the kit isn’t adequate or if the kit includes too much! If you need help deciding, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support!
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